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XXL Nutrition Advanced Carb Loader - Optimize Performance and Fuel Your Workouts

Achieve peak performance with XXL Nutrition's Advanced Carb Loader, your ultimate fitness fuel solution available at Mangusa Hypermarket in Curacao. This carefully crafted supplement combines high-quality carbohydrates, essential electrolytes, and performance-enhancing nutrients to power your workouts and deliver optimal results.

XXL Nutrition's scientifically formulated blend of fast and slow-release carbohydrates provides sustained energy, supporting endurance and stamina during intense training sessions. Say goodbye to energy crashes and hello to consistent performance.

The XXL Nutrition Advanced Carb Loader, available exclusively at Mangusa Hypermarket in Curacao, is designed to maintain steady blood sugar levels, preventing fatigue and promoting sustained energy levels throughout your workouts. Enhanced with vital electrolytes, it aids in hydration, muscle function, and reduces the risk of cramping.

To unlock its full potential, simply mix a serving with water or your preferred beverage and consume before and during exercise. With its great taste and easy mixability, it's the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Fuel your workouts with confidence and experience the difference the XXL Nutrition Advanced Carb Loader can make. Elevate your performance and achieve your fitness goals like never before.

Visit Mangusa Hypermarket in Curacao or order your XXL Nutrition Advanced Carb Loader today and take your fitness journey to the next level.

Specific facts: By making Advanced Carb Loader we've exceeded ourselves. No less than 4 advanced carbohydrate sources have been combined in one product

- Palatinose™
Palatinose, also known as isomaltulose, is a disaccharide with the distinct feature that it has a very low Glycemic Index (GI). This causes a slow, sustained absorption and a quick rise in blood sugar gets prevented.

- Cluster Dextrin®
Cluster Dextrin is a unique carbohydrate source better known as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. Just like Palatinose it causes a gradual uptake of glucose without the rapid insulin spike. What makes Cluster Dextrin® truly unique however is the molecular weight and low osmolality. In practice this means Cluster Dextrin® easily passes the stomach and gets transported to the muscles almost immediately.

- Waxy Maize Starch
Waxy Maize has been one of the most well known carbs for intra workout use in recent years. Derived from maize this is the perfect addition to Advanced Carb Loader because of the high amylopectin content.

- Maltodextrin
Lastly we've added the well known maltodextrin. This type of complex carbohydrates coming from maize gets absorbed relatively quick. Compared to dextrose it's relatively slow however, preventing a rapid spike in blood sugar.

Using Advanced Carb Loader you get a sustained release of high quality carbohydrates to support your workout. All without nausea, a heavy feeling on your stomach or a 'crash' like many have experienced before after taking fast sugars.

Additionaly a vitamin & mineral complex has been added. This way Advanced Carb Loader improves the energy metabolism¹, assists with fatigue² and supports the normal functioning of the nervous system³.

The addition of the mineral Magnesium supports a good electrolyte balance, which is essential after an intense workout. Magnesium also supports the buildup of body proteins and the maintenance of strong muscles.


Mix one serving (70 grams) with 500 ml of your drink of choice. You can use Advanced Carb Loader before, during or after your workout. Use up to 3 servings a day.


Advanced Carb Loader is available in a delicious Blood Orange flavor or as an unflavored variant to easily mix with your protein shake.

¹ Thiamin (Vitamin B1) improves the energy metabolism
² Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) helps with fatigue
³ Niacin (Vitamin B3) supports the normal functioning of the nervous system

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