Whey Isolate 1kg & 2.5kg (available at Mangusa)

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Whey Isolate - Unleash Your Performance with Premium Protein in Curacao

Whey Isolate contains the very best quality of filtered instant whey isolate. There simply is no better quality available! Whey Isolate contains the highest possible protein content and hardly any lactose or fat.

Unlock your potential with Whey Isolate by XXL Nutrition, the high-quality whey protein isolate available in Curacao. Elevate your fitness journey with this top-rated protein supplement, now conveniently accessible at Mangusa Hypermarket.

Whey Isolate is specially crafted using advanced filtration techniques to provide a pure and fast-absorbing protein source. With its superior protein content and minimal carbohydrates and fats, this whey isolate powder supports muscle recovery and growth.

Fuel your workouts and optimize your gains with Whey Isolate, as it delivers essential amino acids to promote muscle protein synthesis and minimize muscle breakdown. Enhance your performance and reach your fitness goals with this premium protein supplement.

Visit Mangusa Hypermarket in Curacao to discover the quality and benefits of Whey Isolate. Elevate your fitness routine with the top-rated whey protein isolate from XXL Nutrition.

Choose Whey Isolate, the preferred whey protein choice in Curacao. Unleash your performance and experience the power of premium whey protein isolate for your fitness journey.

Independently tested by Supplementlabtest.com

Whey Isolate has been independently tested by Supplementlabtest.com and approved. Check the full test report at Supplementlabtest.com.

Characteristics Whey Isolate

  • Proteins contribute to muscle growth
  • Proteins further the recovery of the muscles after physical effort
  • Extremely high protein values
  • Does not contain fructose or other fillers
  • Only 0,8% of lactose as measured in a lab environment
  • Best achievable quality
  • Rich in BCAA’s
  • Almost lactose free
  • Suitable for every protein diet
  • Prepared with cold cross-flow microfiltration which preserve the natural structure of the proteins for maximum intake
  • Contains unique peptides which have stayed intact
  • Delicious flavors
  • Due to the purity it is easily dissolved into a fresh and smooth shake
  • Does not contain aspartame
In exclusive collaboration with Volac

To provide you with the best quality Whey Isolate, XXL Nutrition has teamed up with Volac, the world leader in dairy nutrition. Volac has been active in the dairy industry for over 50 years and has therefore built up decades of experience and expertise. This way, with every jar of Whey Isolate you are assured that you are getting the purest proteins with the highest possible protein content.

Only pure protein

Whey Isolate contains the best quality filtered instant whey isolate. This is without a doubt one of the purest protein shakes in the world. Whey Isolate is very well suitable for a cut or protein diet due to its excellent nutrition values.  

King among the protein shakes

Whey Isolate is the best in many ways. A lot of users are praising of the natural and fresh taste. It dissolves so quickly that it is not even necessary to shake, stirring with a fork is enough. Whey Isolate is ideal to take after training or at breakfast.

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